Our Sports Program

Sport seasons are the operational foundation of our program. RallyCap Sports was created because children with special needs did not have a chance to participate in local sports leagues as other kids did. Although there are other events and activities each year, providing a sports league for children with special needs will always be our main focus. 

What is a RallyCap Sports Season?

A sport season with RallyCap Sports consists of 4-6 weeks of activities centered on one sport. Each week, RallyPlayers learn the rules and skills of the sport through special drills and games. By the end of the season, RallyPlayers will also have the chance to participate in scrimmage/game-play to put their new skills into action. Sport seasons are all about healthy lifestyle, social integration, building confidence, and most importantly—FUN!

Elements of a Sports Season:

·      RallyPlayers register for the 4-6 week season, at $25 per players. This fee covers facility and equipment costs, a trophy, and a RallyCap t-shirt

·      Each RallyPlayer is matched up with a Buddy for each of the sport sessions throughout the season

·      RallyPlayers and Buddies will participate in full group activities as well as going station to station with their special team to learn new skills

·      One parent or guardian of each RallyPlayer must attend and be present for the entirety of each session (they are encouraged to sit, enjoy the time off, and cheer from the sidelines)