Chapter Finances

We are dedicated to helping you change lives and money plays a critical role in the impact you can have on your community. To help you focus on your RallyPlayers and not on balancing a checkbook, we have developed a system that takes the stress out of managing your chapter finances. 

How does it work?

All money is managed by RallyCap Headquarters. Your registration fees, fundraising dollars, and all other incoming funds will go directly to Headquarters, to be placed in your RallyChapter's unique account, enabling your Core to build and maintain your RallyChapter. All expenses will be paid for by RallyCap National as part of your semester budget. In return, we ask that you raise a certain percent each semester.

Why Do RallyChapters Need Money?

Although your RallyChapter will be volunteer driven, you will have expenses along the way. The registration fee that you charge each RallyPlayer for each RallySeason will cover the cost of trophies and RallyPlayer gear for the season, so that is something your chapter will not have to pay for. Here are expenses that you should expect and will be covered in your semester budget:

  • Facilities - in most cases we hope to use university facilities free of charge, but on occasion that is not possible

  • Equipment - you will need to purchase equipment for your RallySeasons and other events

  • Chapter dues - Each RallyChapter is required to raise a certain percentage of their semester budget (learn more below)

  • Additional expenses include: promotional flyers, food for events, activity or party materials and more

The reality is, you will need money to run a successful RallyChapter. The good news is, we have worked hard to provide dynamic resources to help you raise the funds you need so that you can continue impacting lives. You will learn more about raising funds for your chapter in the section on Fundraising.

How To Use Your Funds

As outlined above, all money will go directly to RallyCap Headquarters. But, that does not mean that this is not available for you to use! All money that is raised by your RallyChapter will go into your RallyChapter's unique account and those funds will be available for your chapter to use on approved purchases. Throughout MyRallyCap we have set up systems for you to use your money for common expenses like facilities, equipment, chapter dues and more (see below).

Here is a break-down for how to use your chapter money for most of your common expenses:

  • Facilities: You will ask for approval from your RallyCoach to book a facility for a RallyCap event. If approved, you will forward the invoice for the facility to RallyCap Headquarters staff, who will pay the bill and subtract that money from your account.

  • Equipment: When you need to purchase equipment, you will do so through RallyShop. First, identify the equipment you need through our partnering vendor's website. When ready, you'll place your order through RallyShop. Your order will be submitted to the RallyCap Sports staff, who will check your order for accuracy (and call you if clarification is necessary), place your order with our equipment vendor, and then subtract those funds out of your account. *To place an order, you must have the available funds.

Let's take the stress out of money

We want to help take the stress out of managing your money and that is why we have developed this system so that you can focus on your RallyPlayers. We don't want to limit your chapter in anyway. The best part? We are dedicated to helping you raise the funds you need to run an impactful RallyChapter (see the section on Fundraising and the other resources in MyRallyCap). It's your job to rally the troops and find ways to go above-and-beyond so that you can earn money for a fresh and fantastic RallyChapter. 


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