Chapter Dues

At RallyCap Headquarters we work hard to provide you with all the resources you need so that you can focus on changing lives. Your RallyCoach will work side-by-side with the RallyCore to develop your chapter into an impactful organization, and to do that we need your financial support in the form of annual RallyChapter dues. Don’t worry—we’re going to help you with this too!

RallyCap Sports requires $500 in dues each academic year from all RallyChapters. Chapter dues will be due on April 1st of every year, which will pay-in-full your next academic year. Chapter dues cover the following:

  • Use of RallyCap Sports name and logo
  • Use of MyRallyCap and accompanying resources and training materials
  • Use of a custom chapter website
  • Support from your own dedicated and committed RallyCoach

How To Pay Chapter Dues:

Simply go to MyRallyCap, locate the Pay Chapter Dues link, and follow the directions to fill out a form to submit your dues. Remember, you must have enough money in your account in order to submit your chapter dues - fundraising is so important! Submitting your chapter dues on-time will ensure your RallyChapter will be active for the next year.


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