Chapter Status

RallyCap Sports currently has two different levels of recognized chapter status: active and closed. Chapter status will be maintained and updated by your Regional RallyCoach through your MyRallyCap portal. 


To be in good standing, all active RallyChapters must meet the following minimum requirements of RallyCap Sports:

  • Timely payment of chapter dues, $500 due April 1st of each year
  • RallyChapter website is up-to-date with all member information, RallyPlayers and RallyTeam data
  • Hold a minimum of two 4-week RallySeasons per year, one per semester
  • Appropriate communication with RallyCoach, as determined by RallyCoach at the beginning of each year


A RallyChapter is closed when it is not meeting minimum requirements and all efforts to rebuild the chapter have been exhausted. Closed chapters may not use the RallyCap Sports name or logo and are not covered by the RallyCap Sports liability policy.


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