End of Year Transition

This section outlines the important spring semester tasks that will ensure a successful transition from one academic year to the next. Whether the acting Chapter Director is selected to return or plans to pass the torch to a new Director, each of the areas covered here remain vital to a successful transition. If you work hard to follow these guidelines at the end of each year, your chapter will continue to thrive!

New Director Selection

As RallyCap Sports grows, it is imperative that strong student leaders direct RallyChapters across the nation. RallyCap Sports Staff will be extremely involved in the selection process; we will interview and help select the next Director for your chapter. The Director leadership opportunity should be discussed at the first RallyCore meeting of the Spring semester and with all chapter members at the first PepRally of the Spring semester. Interested candidates from outside the chapter should also be considered and invited to complete an application if they desire. The Director application can be found in MyRallyCap and will be submitted to your RallyCoach. 

A completed Director application must be submitted to your RallyCoach by April 1st of each year. All potential candidates will be required to complete an in-person or phone interview with your RallyCoach. Active Directors interested in serving the following year should let their RallyCoach know by April 1st or earlier, your RallyCoach will set up a conversation to discuss a second year as Director. Students interested in becoming the director of their RallyChapter must also:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Complete a Director Application
  • Be an active member of RallyCap Sports for a minimum of one semester

*Although current RallyCore members may recommend candidates for the Director position, the student will be chosen only if he/she has been interviewed and selected by RallyCap Sports Staff.

RallyCore Transition

Students interested in RallyCore positions should fill out a RallyCore Application (found in MyRallyCap) and turn it in to the current Director or RallyAdvisor by April 1st of each year. The current Director and RallyAdvisor will work together to put together the best team possible for the coming year. Those who do not receive Core positions are encouraged to remain a part of the RallyTeam and apply the next year if interested.

The best way to ensure a smooth transition is to invite new Core members to attend your last few Core meetings. The current Core members will play a key role in helping your new Core members learn the ropes. With your new Core members present, set aside time to:

  • Discuss the successes and challenged of the year
  • Brainstorm new ways to handle situation that gave you difficulty and decide what should remain the same
  • Develop a plan for next year. Be sure to include specific duties for all Core members, complete with a timeline
  • Ensure that the incoming Core members know how to access and use MyRallyCap

*Current Core members are encouraged to meet with future Core members outside of meetings to answer questions and help acclimate

Everyone should know and understand their role in ensuring next year’s success. It’s vital to include new Core members in the End of Year Meetings and activities to help create a smooth transition. Keeping your RallyCoach involved in this process is a great way to ensure a successful transition. Year after year, RallyCap Sports will have new leaders on each campus and unless they learn from their predecessors, they will have difficulty growing. If you keep the mission and vision of RallyCap Sports first in your organization, your Core will work hard to ensure future leaders will have success. 


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