Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a brief list of common questions our Directors ask. Should you ever need additional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact your RallyCoach or Faculty Advisor.

Should I wait for my RallyCoach or Faculty Advisor to tell me what to do?

No, be proactive! This manual gives you an overview of your responsibilities and duties, and we have a number of resources in the MyRallyCap portal that offer drilled-down task lists to get you on your way. Take the initiative to move things forward and feel empowered to fulfill your responsibilities as a leader. Your Faculty Advisor and RallyCoach are available as resources to help you, but you should not rely on them to run your RallyChapter. 

What if there is conflict between RallyTeam Core members?

Personal conflicts happen. No matter the personal clash, as a leader it is your role to bring everyone together in focus of your common goal and passion for RallyCap Sports. Encourage all parties involved to make every effort to put personal differences aside and to focus on the RallyPlayers and RallyFamily. If a conflict cannot be resolved, please approach your Faculty Advisor or RallyCoach for assistance.

What if I can no longer fulfill my responsibilities as a RallyChapter Director?

Being Director is a yearlong commitment, and prior to launch your RallyCoach will ensure you understand the time and resources required of you during this term. Should an extenuating circumstance occur that leaves you questioning your ability to carry out the full-year commitment, immediately discuss with your Faculty Advisor and RallyCoach. If it is determined that you are unable to meet the requirements and expectations of your role, the RallyCoach reserves the right to replace you with a student leader who is able and willing to fulfill the responsibilities. 

What should I do in the event of an incident during RallyCap Sports events?

We promote safety and encourage mindfulness at all times; unfortunately accidents can occur, but we have guidelines to help navigate such a stressful event. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the following prior to any RallyChapter event. Our incident procedure and reporting is designed to protect all RallyCap Sports participants. The RallyChapter Director is expected to comply with RallyCap Sports procedures and protocol in the event an incident occurs during a RallyChapter function. All Core members and any committee leaders should also be familiar with the incident report procedure, as the safety of our participants is our top priority. See “Incident Reporting Procedure” in MyRallyCap online for complete protocol.