RallyCap Kickoff

Your RallyCap Kickoff will be a special moment in the history of your RallyChapter. It marks the beginning of a change in your community, the first step in building a family where people of all abilities can share in the joy of coming together in the wonderful world of sports. As a leader of your RallyChapter, you will surely look back on your kickoff day and remember the children that came and the lives that will be forever impacted by your efforts at RallyCap Sports.

What is RallyCap Kickoff?

RallyCap Kickoff is a two-hour FREE event held at the beginning of a new year. The children and young adults with special needs in your local community will get to discover what RallyCap Sports is all about and decide if they want to join your family for future RallySeasons and other activities.

Some key kickoff elements: 

  • Our one-on-one Buddy system
  • Three sport stations (with drills from varying sports)
  • Opportunity to register RallyPlayers for the upcoming RallySeason
  • One parent or guardian must be present, and are invited to sit in the stands and enjoy watching their child participate in the fu
  • Kickoff is an open house for the RallyPlayers—showing up late or leaving early is not a problem; all are invited to join in the fun!

Why host a RallyCap Kickoff?

A RallyCap Kickoff is your first opportunity to connect with the community and demonstrate what RallyCap Sports is all about. At its best, a kickoff will achieve the following:

  • RallyPlayers experience the joy of inclusive, non-competitive sports
  • Parents enjoy a break on the sidelines, and develop a trust in the RallyCap Sports program
  • Volunteers experience the joy of helping others, and the fun of interacting with RallyPlayers
  • Local press may attend your Kickoff, and this can be a great opportunity to spread the word about RallyCap Sports
  • Other spectators will be inspired to get involved through donations or volunteering

It is an energy-packed event, and the perfect way to recruit RallyPlayers and volunteers to join the upcoming sport season. Your kickoff will be a foundation to your future success of impacting lives for years to come. Throughout this Manual we will teach you about recruiting RallyPlayers and volunteers, purchasing equipment and preparing for a successful RallyCap Kickoff!

Refer to your Getting Started Guide fora step-by-step guide on how to plan and execute a successful RallyCap Kickoff.