Leading Your RallyChapter

Effective leadership is the cornerstone of success for your RallyChapter. The Director and RallyCore must work closely together, setting an example of commitment and passion while creating a team that will reshape the community. Although there are many attributes of effective leadership, we believe two of the most important are delegation and communication.


To delegate means to entrust or appoint a responsibility to another person. A single individual simply cannot run a RallyChapter; the Director must act as team captain and delegate responsibilities to the RallyTeam Core and general members.

Why delegate?

  • Running a RallyChapter is a big job – no one person can do it alone!
  • Empowering RallyTeam Core members to spearhead responsibilities essential to the success and overall impact of the chapter will help each member develop a more invested interest in seeing the chapter succeed. Everyone wants to feel helpful, allow them to be!
  • Feeling essential to the chapter’s success is a great motivator and builds team morale.
  • When more people are working toward a common goal, it is more likely to be accomplished successfully.
  • Delegating to the RallyTeam Core and other members will develop the leadership skills of the future students who will inherit the legacy of your RallyChapter.

How to delegate:

  • Give clear and detailed responsibilities.
  • Provide deadlines and expectations. Clear and upfront communication ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Play to each member’s strengths. When assigning tasks, consider what each person brings to the team and allow them to shine by utilizing their talents.
  • Empower your Core team. Give Core members enough responsibility and authority to make decisions and take action within their purview.
  • Check in. Follow up with each Core member and hold him or her responsible for their progress. A weekly or bi-weekly touch-base in person or over the phone keeps everyone accountable.
  • Always be willing to assist Core members when they need help.  Don’t do the task for them, however—teach them how to make it happen.
  • Provide feedback when a task is completed. Offer positive reinforcement when a task is completed well and constructive feedback when a task could be done better.
  • Above all, always be thankful for hard work and dedication!


As a RallyChapter leader, communication is essential to building and sustaining a healthy RallyTeam. Good communication with your Core, RallyCoach, RallyAdvisor, and ancillary members will hold your chapter together and lead to a successful year of changing lives. It will be important to establish good communication habits at the beginning of each year and be consistent throughout the year. 

This chart helps to break it down:

RallyCoach Communication

As Director, you will be the main point of contact between RallyCap Headquarters and your RallyChapter. For your RallyCoach to effectively support you and your chapter, it is important for you to follow these communication guidelines:

  • Be Consistent: Regular communication with your RallyCoach is required. It’s important that he/she is apprised on your chapter’s events at all times so that support can be provided appropriately. Your RallyCoach will contact you at least twice per month via phone, email, or in-person visits.
  • Be Timely: If your RallyCoach leaves you an email or message, be sure to responed in a timely manor. It is important to adhere to any deadlines that your RallyCoach provides for forms, dues, or other requirements. If you are unable to meet a deadline, communicate with your RallyCoach for an extension.
  • Be Informative: When communicating with your RallyCoach, provide a detailed account on the status of each project. Keep your RallyCoach apprised of all Core meetings, sports sessions, fundraisers, PepRallies, and other special events. Share the specific time, date, place, and other event details at least one week in advance; occasionally your RallyCoach may be available to attend meetings or events.
  • Be Proactive: If you are having a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out! Each RallyCoach is passionate about RallyCap Sports and experienced in fixing problems and finding solutions.