What We Do

RallyCap Sports transforms lives through the power of sports

We believe sports are a powerful avenue for people with special needs to discover new abilities, develop confidence, and find joy. Team sports uncover a sense of belonging and inspire communities to open their hearts to people of all abilities. We believe sports have the power to change the focus from disability to ability and ultimately change lives.

Sports for people with special needs

At the heart of RallyCap Sports is our vision of a world where people of all abilities can share in the joy of sports. For our vision to become a reality, we have developed a sports program specifically designed for children and young adults with special needs. At the foundation, our program offers a high quality sports league for children and young adults with special needs to participate in within their community throughout the year.

Each chapter of RallyCap Sports takes shape through the passionate volunteerism of students at universities across the nation. In essence, our vision is two-pronged: provide transformative sports opportunities for the under-served special needs community and bring together communities by changing attitudes and opening hearts. 

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