Our Vision

A world where people with special needs can share in the joy of sports and community.

Our Mission

To provide recreational sports for children and young adults with special needs through a volunteer-driven community.

The Three Pillars of our mission

We believe these three pillars will enrich the lives of our RallyPlayers: Social Integration, Self-Confidence, and Healthy Living. Sports are an effective channel towards achieving these pillars and we make it the goal of every RallyChapter to help participants grow in these areas. We know that learning about living a healthy lifestyle, developing confidence, and interacting with peers can be a fun and empowering experience. 

Social Integration

Social integration is our key pillar. An essential component of our program lies within the Buddy/RallyPlayer relationship. A Buddy is a student volunteer who is partnered with a participant who has special needs or a “RallyPlayer”—to provide one-on-one peer interaction. This partnership makes RallyPlayers feel involved, and it increases awareness in each Buddy on how to engage and connect with a member of the special needs community. We have found that people often want to reach out, but just aren’t sure how. We facilitate these connections to reshape the community and bolster the child or young adult with special needs.


All members of the RallyTeam, especially Buddies, are charged with the important task of lifting the confidence of our RallyPlayers. Offering frequent and sincere words of encouragement and support is pivotal to the success of the program. We celebrate along with the players for every achievement, no matter how big or small!

Healthy Living

Many of our RallyPlayers struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe everyone should learn how regular active-play can improve one’s quality of life. We teach by example, designing our sports programs in a way that helps each participant learn how to be active and have fun! 

RallyCap Sports Philosophies

We Play For Smiles

Our sports and events are geared towards creating a safe environment for people of all abilities to have fun and flourish within our three-pillar mission. RallyChapters across the nation should be places where everyone feels welcome and has a blast; competition is not our objective.

Celebrate Every Victory

We believe everyone should be told “great job!” and “you rock!”. One of our favorite ways to support and encourage every RallyPlayer is to reward them with their very own trophy! At the end of each sport season, there is a trophy ceremony—trust us—it’s one of the most special parts of our program!

All Abilities Are Welcome

At the heart of RallyCap Sports is our vision that children and young adults with special needs have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy sports just like everyone else! To create an inclusionary sports program, we open the door to children and young adults with abilities and special needs of all kinds. We want every RallyPlayer to feel like they belong and to have fun. 

Building Communities

At RallyCap Sports, we believe that sports have the power to ignite change in our local communities across the country. Through acceptance, we aim to challenge everyone to uncover a wider range of human abilities and to come together as we unite as human beings.