With a vision of a world where people of all abilities can participate in and enjoy sports, our strategy is to build a web of regional chapters across the country. Driven by passionate volunteers and focused on our mission, our chapters will provide the RallyCap Sports programs in their local communities.

At Colleges and Universities

Partnering with the academic community will allow us to tap into key resources readily available in every university: sports facilities to host our events, and passionate student volunteers who make it all happen! Expansion through universities will engage the special needs communities in each region, bringing all abilities together to share in the joy of sporting play, the pride of community, and the wonder of coming together in unifying spirit.

In Communities

At the beginning, RallyCap Sports was started in a local community and driven by the support and activism of local community members. The blueprint was formed by that founding group, developed further by our expansion efforts, and is now ready to be used in local communities.

Interested in bringing RallyCap Sports to your campus or community?