Our Playbook and your Mission

To carry out the RallyCap mission,

our strategy is to build a web of regional chapters in colleges and universities across the country. Partnering with the academic community will allow us to tap into key resources readily available in every university: sports facilities to host our events and passionate student volunteers like you who make it happen!

Your Chapter's Game Plan

Each chapter is charged with the mission to create a fun, supportive environment for our RallyPlayers—here are the key goals to meet in order to become a successful RallyChapter. 

TO ASSEMBLE A RALLYTEAM that will provide sports programs and activities for local children and young adults with special needs. Each school year will include kick-off events, fundraisers, dance parties, 4-week sports programs, and an annual WrapUp event.

TO ESTABLISH A THRIVING CHAPTER that carries on beyond each graduating class.

TO ENGAGE YOUR CAMPUS COMMUNITY. A successful RallyChapter taps into the university’s network, with a RallyTeam consisting of faculty advisors, student leaders, and “Buddies”—student volunteers who are matched with RallyPlayers for one-on-one interaction.

TO ENRICH THE LIVES OF RALLYPLAYERS through the three pillars of RallyCap Sports: social integration, self-confidence, and healthy living.

TO RESHAPE THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITY by working with local businesses, RallyPlayers, their parents, and your campus community, your RallyTeam will help change the perception of people with special needs and foster a newfound relationship of support and belonging. Players, athletes, parents, faculty, students, and business owners all collaborating and coming together for a day of sporting fun—this is the spirit of community your efforts will bring!