Pay Chapter Dues

RallyCap Sports requires $500 in dues each academic year from all RallyChapters. Chapter dues will be due on April 1st of every year, which will pay-in-full your next academic year and will cover the following:

  • Use of RallyCap Sports name and logo
  • Use of MyRallyCap and accompanying resources and training materials
  • Use of a custom chapter website
  • Support from your own dedicated and committed RallyCoach

To pay your chapter dues you must fill out and submit the form below. We will not automatically subtract your chapter dues from your account at Headquarters because it is important for your chapter to be well-aware of this process. For more details, please see the section Chapter Dues in your RallyCap Manual.

Chapter Dues Payment Form

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Mobile Phone Number *
Mobile Phone Number
Submit $500 Payment For Chapter Dues *
By selecting "yes" you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the Chapter Status section of the RallyCap Manual. Also, you are confirming that $500 is available in your chapter account and that $500 may be subtracted to cover the cost of chapter dues for one year.
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