RallyTeam Meetings

RallyTeam meetings serve as a time to disseminate information, plan future activities and fundraisers, share information between members, provide training, and take care of any outstanding chapter business or organizational tasks. Internal RallyTeam meetings and activities will provide excellent opportunities to build relationships between members—because the more you come together, the more lives you can change!

An effective meeting

Here are some suggestions to make your meetings productive, efficient, and engaging:

  • Schedule meetings well in advance. We understand that college is a busy time! Getting your meetings on everyone’s calendar as far in advance as possible will enable students to adequately plan.

  • Schedule at consistent times and accessible locations. Keeping a regular date (e.g. the second Tuesday of every month) make it easy for members to remember and is a smart way to get RallyCap Sports into their regular routine. 

  • Provide refreshments. Have your RallyTeam Core bring snacks to share or ask a local restaurant to donate some freshly baked treats.

  • Make the meeting fun. Good meetings aren’t all business! Invite guest speakers, give away door prizes, host the meeting at a unique location, include games, incorporate fun topics, or any other ideas your RallyTeam Core creates to keep things lively.

  • Start and end meetings on time. Also be sure to keep meetings under one hour—you want to respect each member’s busy schedule!

RallyCoach Meetings

Led by your RallyChapter’s Coach, these meetings will guide the Director in planning for the RallySeason and beyond. Your RallyCoach is there to help you build and maintain a successful chapter so that you can continue to impact lives!

Who should attend? The RallyChapter Director and RallyCoach

When? We require a bi-monthly touch base between Director and RallyCoach; this meeting can take place in person or over the phone. It is the responsibility of the Director to establish a mutually available meeting time with the RallyCoach.

Why? Keeping your RallyCoach in the loop on all Chapter activities will ensure that we can support you and your RallyTeam! Some topics you will discuss:

  • Events and calendar
  • RallyChapter progression: what is working and what needs improvement
  • RallyCore: are Core members working well together? How are Core meetings going?
  • Next Steps: action items to help develop a better chapter
  • Resources: any tools you need that can be supplied by RallyCap Headquarters

RallyCore Meetings

Led by the RallyChapter Director, Core meetings are a chance to gather and plan your RallySeasons, events and other activities.

Who should attend? All members of the RallyCore, and any committee members (if applicable) should be present. A member of Core should take minutes and send those minutes via email to all Core members after the meeting for follow-up and for those members who were absent.

When? We recommend hosting RallyCore meetings bi-weekly (once every two weeks), minimum—though many chapters prefer to meet more frequently. You should arrange the meeting at a consistent time when all core members are available so that schedules can be adjusted. Try sending out a survey at the beginning of each new semester to find out when the best day and time is to meet for everyone.

Why? The purpose of RallyCore meetings is to communicate and plan your RallySeasons, RallyPlayer events and other chapter activities. Each meeting’s agenda will depend on what upcoming events and activities are on your calendar. You can download a sample agenda from MyRallyCap.

Key Core Meeting calendar 

At minimum, your Core team should meet during the following key times of year. Use these meetings to connect, strategize, and divvy up the tasks.

  • First 2 weeks of a new semester: you should get a meeting on the books right away in new semester so the team can get on the same page and begin planning for the semester activities
  • Mid-Fall Semester Meeting: it's important to get together throughout each semester, but a mid-semester meeting can be used to refresh the goals of the semester and recommit to preparation
  • Pre-Winter Break Meeting: Held at the end of fall semester to review the RallySeason and prepare for Spring. 
  • Spring Semester Meeting: Held within the first two weeks of the spring semester. Use this time to refocus and refuel for another great semester! 
  • Mid-Spring Meeting: Spring semester can bring new challenges, it's important to get together to finish the year strong by planning for the end of the semester
  • End of the Year Meeting: Held two or three weeks prior to finals. Use this opportunity to recognize your Core members, bid farewell to graduating members, and celebrate a successful RallySeason. 
  • Summer Meeting: We strongly recommend meeting at least once in the summer; if an in-person meeting is not feasible, a conference call is a great alternative towards setting yourself up for a successful year. 

Rally-in-the-Alley Meetings

Similar to a PepRally, your Rally-in-the-Alley Meetings will energize attendees and inspire them to join the RallyTeam! The Director and Core should prepare and run an exciting meeting geared towards recruiting new members.

Who should attend? All current RallyTeam members, their friends, and any other students interested in RallyCap Sports!

When? Twice a year, beginning within the first two weeks of Fall Semester and second at the start of Spring Semester. By limiting these meetings to twice a year, you will have time to ramp into powerful and buzz-worthy Rally in the Alley meetings.

Why? Rally in the Alley is your most important RallyTeam recruitment tool. The purpose is to inform and excite potential RallyTeam members. During this meeting you will:

  • Explain the RallyCap Sports mission, the requirements of being a member, and the volunteer opportunities available

  • Excite and inspire them to become a member of the RallyTeam by conveying the fun you have and the impact each member has on a RallyPlayer’s life.

  • Demonstrate how to navigate the RallyCap Sports website to complete the online membership application.

  • Have attendees sign up for more information on future events and becoming a member.

PepRally Meetings

Led by the RallyCore, PepRallies are the time to assemble all active RallyTeam members. Your PepRally meetings should be fun and exciting—all teams need a little pep once in a while!

Who should attend? All RallyTeam members. Each RallyTeam general member must attend at least one PepRally per semester; any excused absences should be communicated with a Core member prior to the meeting.

When? We recommend hosting PepRallies once per month during the academic year. Although we suggest limiting PepRally meetings to once per month, your RallyCore may determine an additional PepRally is needed during an activity-heavy season. Be sure to communicate and send reminders for all PepRallies at least one week in advance. Arrange for a day of the month and time of the day that will work for everyone's schedule! (maybe Thursday night at 9:00pm?)

Why? PepRally meetings are needed to train, motivate, support, and communicate with chapter members. You should keep the needs of your chapter in mind and address upcoming chapter initiatives such as: fundraisers, sports seasons, RallyTeam activities, and more. 

Note on guest speakers: While planning your PepRally agendas, consider including a guest speaker to “spice things up” and motivate your volunteers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Special Education Professors or Administration: If your university curriculum offers a Special Education major or minor, it is a great idea to build a relationship with that group. Ask a professor or staff member who is passionate about what you are doing to come and speak. He/she has a wealth of knowledge regarding the special needs community and can provide insight and sensitivity training for your members.
  • Local Special Needs Organizations: We strongly encourage you to make meaningful connections with local special needs organizations. Ask a staff member to give a brief presentation about what their organization does—you may discover ways to work together and effect real change in the community. Work hard to keep these relationships alive!
  • Your RallyCoach: Invite your dedicated RallyCoach to come and speak about their experience with RallyCap Sports and how it has impacted his/her life. Your RallyCoach is there because he/she is passionate about RallyCap Sports and willing to share that passion!

PepRally Suggested Calendar:

  • Launch PepRally: Your Launch PepRally will take place in the first month of the Fall semester, once you have a base of members who are ready to help. This meeting will set the tone of your RallyChapter for the entire year; the key is to be organized and upbeat!
  • Parent PepRally: Following each semester’s initial peprallies, host a PepRally for parents and family members of RallyPlayers in order to provide them with more information about RallyCap Sports and the upcoming season. 
  • Winter PepRally: Your final PepRally of the semester will be a time to evaluate the season and discuss the Spring Semester calendar. This meeting should be a fun wrap-up to a great semester and a motivator for what’s ahead! 
  • Spring PepRally: Your Spring PepRally should be held within the first few weeks of the new semester. Make the meeting fun, festive, and creative to recharge the team! Hold it in an unusual place, offer refreshments, plan a guest speaker or even do something crazy – like dump cold water all over Core members. The goal is to recharge and get everyone excited about the new semester. 
  • Closing PepRally: Host your Closing PepRally two to three weeks before finals. This meeting should be a celebration of a great year! Say farewell to graduating members, thank RallyTeam members for their hard work, and ramp into the next season.