RallyCap Core Messages

Whether you are promoting your RallyCap Kickoff through social media or recruiting volunteers at a PepRally, it is important to know and understand the key messages of RallyCap Sports. The more familiar you are with our mission and beliefs, the more confident you will be in answering questions and promoting RallyCap Sports. The most important message is our mission statement: 

"to create positive sports environments fostering social integration, healthy living, and greater self-confidence for children and young adults with special needs"

Simply stated, RallyCap Sports provides development opportunities through sports for children and young adults who have intellectual, developmental, or physical special needs. You don’t have to memorize a script or rattle off facts to speak knowledgeably about RallyCap Sports. Use your own words and speak from your heart; your passion will entice like-minded individuals to join the RallyCap Sports family. 

At its core, RallyCap Sports is much more than sporting play. Here are the key tenets of RallyCap:

RallyCap Sports is about people of all abilities coming together to grow.

We use sports to bring together both people with and without special needs so that each may challenge the other and develop as human beings.

RallyCap Sports is about inclusion.

All abilities are welcome here. We believe everyone should experience the delight of playing sports—together.

RallyCap Sports is about being active and healthy.

RallyCap Sports feeds the body and soul, and our active play promotes a healthy lifestyle to which people with special needs have otherwise limited access.

RallyCap Sports unifies our campus and local community.

RallyCap Sports provides an opportunity for student volunteers and local community members to come together and change lives. As we focus on helping others we unify through the power of community and become role models of service for the rest of the student body and community.

RallyCap Sports is a 501(c)3 program.

RallyCap Sports is a not-for-profit organization that is largely run by student volunteers. All financial and in-kind support of our RallyChapter goes directly into our program to enhance resources and expand our impact. 

RallyCap Sports is a unique family.

There are RallyChapters like ours at other universities across the nation, all of which are part of the RallyCap Sports family. Participating in a RallyChapter gives students a unique networking opportunity, and hones real-world skills for life after college.

RallyCap Sports is about fun, not competition.

Though we promote sporting play, the emphasis is always on play. We strive to create an environment that is full of mutual support and respect.

RallyCap Sports is about high fives and touchdown dances.

We believe there is nothing more healing and inspiring than a group of individuals sharing lighthearted, joyful moments. We celebrate every victory, large or small.

RallyCap Sports can change your life.

By participating in RallyCap Sports, you open your heart and mind to an inclusive, supportive, and fun environment that is rarely found outside of our organization. Each member is empowered to truly make a difference in someone else’s life.  


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