RallyPlayer Recruitment

We want your RallyChapter to engage the special needs population in your local community. To do so, you will need to work hard to promote your programs and recruit new RallyPlayers. Maybe RallyCap Sports won’t be for everyone, but it’s your goal to make sure everyone knows they are welcome to join the family!

Let's review the basic guidelines of being a RallyPlayer:

  • Boys and girls ages 7 and older, with special needs of any kind - anything that prevents them from playing sports with their peers in local leagues

  • A parent or guardian of each RallyPlayer must attend and be present for the entirety of any activities or events - they are encouraged to "be a fan" from the sidelines and enjoy the break

  • To be a part of your RallyChapter, a RallyPlayer must be registered on your website (most of the time registration is done by the parent/guardian) - so any RallyPlayer that wants to join your family should get signed-up right away

When should you start recruiting?

Right away! Although it is important to build your RallyTeam (volunteer) base in the first few weeks of the school year, it is never too early to begin connecting with the special needs community. 

Get the RallyTeam involved

Connecting with the special needs community will be a group effort. The more people you have working to make connections and reaching out to local organizations, the better! The special needs community is tightly knit; we can’t stress enough how important it will be to communicate the RallyCap Sports key messages when reaching out to the various organizations and groups. 

If you are a new RallyChapter, check out your Getting Started Guide to learn step-by-step when and how to begin recruiting RallyPlayers.

Whether you are promoting your very first RallyCap Kickoff or recruiting more RallyPlayers for a sport season, use the following list of ideas to generate publicity in your community:

RallyChapter Website: Similar to recruiting RallyTeam members, your website will serve as an easily accessible touch point of information. With your website you can:

  • Provide a link to rallycapsports.org for more information about RallyCap Sports
  • Provide information about each of the RallyTeam Core members, to help develop trust
  • Publish up-to-date information about current and upcoming events - all of your registration will go through your website
  • Post pictures from past events and activities to help show what RallyCap Sports is all about

Social Media: Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is word-of-mouth in digital form (we don't have to tell you that!). When parents and guardians see someone they know having a blast at one of your events, they will want to check it out too. Please follow these guidelines in relation to communicating a positive image of RallyCap to your local special needs community:

  • Always ask permission of the parent or guardian before posting photos of their RallyPlayer and always show RallyPlayers in positive light. We have included photo permission in the waiver for all registrations, but it's always a good idea to remind the parents incase anyone has an issue with posting pictures/video
  • When interacting with other users on social media, always refer back to the RallyCap Sports key messages to help craft your responses
  • Do not give out the username and password for your social media accounts, the accounts should be managed and maintained by a member or committee of the RallyCore - we encourage adding a Marketing and PR Chair to your Core if you are going to be active on social media

E-mail: Send new members an email giving brief information about RallyCap Sports and provide a link to learn more. Be sure to include information on upcoming events! To expand your list, contact like-minded organizations to see if they would include RallyCap information in one of their e-blasts.

University Special Education Program: If your university has a Special Education Program, develop a working relationship with the administration. They will be a great resource to help connect you with local organizations and groups.

Local High Schools and Middle Schools: Visit local high schools and middle schools in your community, as they will be a great place to recruit RallyPlayers. Ask to meet with school administration and request the opportunity to post flyers in school, send flyers home with students, or even give a presentation about RallyCap Sports.

Local Special Needs Organizations and Groups: It is likely that your community has numerous organizations and groups that support or work with the Special Needs community. Reach out to their staff and educate them on RallyCap Sports; they likely will be excited to pass your information on to their group. Check to see if you can post flyers or come in to talk to their group, and offer to reciprocate the favor.

Make sure you check out other resources we have provided to help you locate potential RallyPlayers and how to recruit them to come check out the fun - find them in your MyRallyCap portal


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