RallyTeam Activities

RallyCap has become more than just another organization I’m involved in. The RallyTeam is like family to me.
— Melissa, RallyTeam BGSU

RallyTeam is a Family

RallyTeam Activities are designed to help bring your members closer together, and build a team that can have a real impact on your community. They allow members to socialize and connect outside of RallySeason and events, and in a more casual environment. These activities are vital to your success—your RallyChapter can only be as strong as the dedicated team of volunteers! 

You should plan a minimum of two RallyTeam Activities per semester, to be held either on campus or off. Regardless of the activity, the best way to ensure that it’s a success is to plan ahead! Planning and hard work will lead to activities that the entire University is talking about and that students want to be a part of.


Ultimately, planning a RallyTeam Activity is dependent on your RallyPlayer events, member availability, and campus calendar. We offer here a few suggestions to coordinate, but turn to your members for additional inspiration:

  • Collaborate with another organization: double the fun and find another campus organization that supports your mission. After all, your organization should be an example of the student body coming together in unity!
  • Service work: Find a unique and impactful service project that your RallyTeam can attend. This is a great way to connect with your local community and show that you are serious about leaving an impact
  • Ice cream social: Meet at a local ice cream shop after an event for a cold treat and some extra fun
  • Host a sporting tournament (volleyball, dodge ball, basketball, ect.) where RallyTeam members are invited to create a team and compete for a prize
  • Attend a university sports event together
  • Throw a party for the RallyTeam! Invite members to bring snacks and activities to hangout for the evening

We highly encourage you to communicate with other RallyChapters to learn about fun activities that they have added to their chapter. Another great resource is your RallyCoach, they will have a few creative ideas to suggest!