RallyTeam Gear

Of course we want our awesome RallyTeam members reppin' RallyCap! To make it as easy as possible, we've developed RallyShop to be your one-stop-shop for RallyTeam gear. This allows us to give you discounted prices and to let us work out the financial details. RallyShop is full of fresh shirts and apparel for your RallyTeam, so let's talk about how to get your team in the best gear.

How does it work?

When you find the gear you want you will place an order through RallyShop. Your order will go directly to RallyCap Headquarters and they will check to make sure your chapter's account has the funds and then place your order with the vendor. The money will come directly out of your account at headquarters and the merchandise will show up at your door!


  1. Go to RallyShop and decide on what apparel you want to purchase for the RallyTeam
  2. Set a deadline for collecting sizes and payments, then begin promoting the item using pictures and details (email, social media, ect.)
  3. When the deadline comes, determine how many payments have been collected and fill out the order form for the item you would like (you will fill out # of sizes and other details)
  4. When the shipment comes in, check the items for quality and make sure everything is there
  5. Distribute items to those who payed!

Fundraising with classic RallyCap Sports t-shirt

At the beginning of each year, you will have the opportunity to purchase the classic RallyCap Sports volunteer t-shirt at a heavily discounted price. By charging people a slightly inflated price, you will be able to use this as a yearly fundraiser to help generate funds and get new people in RallyCap gear. You can learn more details about this opportunity in the section on Fundraising and in your Getting Started Guide.

National Website Apparel

All of the items available in RallyShop will also be available on the RallyCap Sports national website, available to anyone. The benefit to purchasing through RallyShop is that you receive a discounted rate! All money collected for items purchased on the national website will go to our expansion efforts. We recommend you work through RallyShop to receive the discounted rates, however, friends and family are welcome to purchase items through the national website.


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