RallyTeam Recruitment

Your RallyChapter’s goal is to impact as many lives as possible and to do that, you need to recruit! Whether you are just getting started or your RallyChapter has been well established, it will always be critical to recruit new volunteers into your RallyChapter family. Utilize your existing RallyTeam members as much as possible to brainstorm and tailor the following suggestions to fit your university culture. 

It bears repeating: student volunteers will be the lifeblood of your RallyChapter. As a family you will work together to provide unparalleled opportunities for your RallyPlayers. Recruiting members will be an ongoing process but if you work hard in the beginning of each year, your chapter’s impact will do the work for you—students will pour in to become part of your amazing organization.

For complete details on membership, refer to The RallyTeam section in this manual.

Recruitment begins on day one

Encourage existing RallyTeam members to spread the word as soon as they set foot on campus. Word-of-mouth is the most influential tactic, and it’s free!

Find power in numbers

Enlist RallyTeam members to get the word out. Each semester your chapter will host a Rally in the Alley meeting, which is a PepRally-inspired event used for volunteer recruitment (see Section 4 for details). At the start of each year, create a friendly challenge to see how many new friends a member can bring to Rally in the Alley. High attendance at this kick-off event will garner plenty of volunteers from the start! As your numbers grow, use that momentum to continue recruiting throughout each year.

In addition to word-of-mouth, try the following to generate publicity at your university:

RallyChapter Website: Each RallyChapter has their very own website to provide a place for prospective members to learn more and to register. With your website you can:

  • Link to rallycapsports.org for more information about RallyCap Sports
  • Provide contact information for all current RallyCore members
  • Publish up-to-date information about current and upcoming events in your website
  • Provide opportunities for registration for RallyPlayers and volunteers

To learn more about your chapter's website and how to maximize it as a tool for managing and promoting, take a look at Chapter Website in the manual.

Social media: Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is word-of-mouth in digital form. It’s fast and powerful! Create and maintain social media accounts for your chapter, and encourage your chapter members and broader community to follow for important updates. Always include your social media handles on promotional flyers and in email signatures. Designate a current member who would like to serve as the Social Media Chair and empower them to maintain and grow your social media presence. 

E-mail: At reach RallyChapter event, have an e-mail sign-up sheet. Send new subscribers an email giving brief information about RallyCap Sports and provide a link to learn more. Be sure to include information on upcoming events!

Wearing/selling Best Buddies t-shirts: Wearing RallyCap Sports t-shirts is one of the best ways to help people identify your chapter and it promotes interest throughout the student body. Coordinate days for all members to sport their RallyCap shirt, such as move-in day. We also encourage selling t-shirts to anyone and everyone who is interested in purchasing. RallyCap Sports merchandise is available year-round through RallyShop located in MyRallyCap. 

Campus activities & fairs: Take advantage of campus activities, especially those occurring the first few weeks back on campus—they are potential recruitment opportunities! For example, reserve a table at freshmen orientation day or your university’s organization fair. If your school does not have a fair day/night set up a table around high traffic areas (make sure you follow your university guidelines). 

Sports Teams: Approach coaches of your university’s sports teams and ask if you can make a brief presentation on RallyCap Sports prior to practice. 

Banners: Make a large banner to display during outings and events. The RallyCap Sports logo generates attention; use it to your advantage. Hang it everywhere you go! Check MyRallyCap for discounted banner opportunities.

Posters/flyers: Create posters and flyers for your PepRallys and other events open to the campus. Be sure to include who, what, when, where, and why. If RallyCap Sports is not widely known on campus, include a brief description or our mission statement. Make eye-catching posters and display them in prominent, high traffic locations such as the library, dorms, and eating facilities. Check out Managing Your Chapter for templates, downloadable resources and ideas.

School newspaper: Place an announcement explaining the RallyCap Sports mission and the details of the next PepRally. Contact the editor with your RallyChapter’s latest news to get an article written—the sooner the better! Whenever possible, include photos from past events and sport seasons. 

Student government: Introduce RallyCap Sports at an early meeting to gain their support. Ask for their help in spreading awareness to the entire student body.

School administration: Speak to college professors and administration and ask for support spreading the word. Let them know what type of students you are looking for and offer them postcards or contact information to pass on to potential members.

Present in classes: Distribute a letter to faculty members describing RallyCap Sports, and request permission to speak at the beginning of their classes. (Hint: Distribute the letter early in the semester, follow up with a phone call or visit during office hours.) Try to reach a variety of students in all grades and concentrations. 

University Special Education Program: If your university has a Special Education program, this will be a great resource for finding student volunteers who are passionate about the special needs community.

Chapter spokesperson: If there are particular members or RallyPlayers that stand out as RallyCap advocates, ask them to join you for speaking events or during other promotional efforts. Make sure you first communicate with a RallyPlayer’s parent or guardian to see if this is possible.

For more information and ideas, reach out to your RallyCoach. Also, be sure to scan through MyRallyCap for templates for flyers, banners, email, and much more!


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