We believe our RallyPlayers are special no matter what abilities and needs they have, and together we will show the world that everyone deserves a chance to play sports.

Through the power of sports, people with special needs discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Our athletes find joy, confidence, and fulfillment—on the playing field and in life. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. 

One-on-one opens doors

The key to having an inclusionary sports program is our dedicated Buddies. With passionate volunteers working one-on-one with our RallyPlayers, we are able to open the door to all special needs.

  • If a RallyPlayer has a special need that limits their ability to participate in certain aspects of our program, that’s not a problem! Matched up with their Buddy, they can find ways to participate and have a blast no matter what.

  • If a RallyPlayer has less severe special needs and seems to be more advanced in a sport or activity, their Buddy can challenge them in new and exciting ways.

rallyCap sports season

A RallySeason with RallyCap Sports consists of 4-6 weeks of activities centered on one sport. Each week, RallyPlayers learn the rules and skills of the sport through special drills and games. By the end of the season, RallyPlayers will also have the chance to participate in scrimmage/game play to put their new skills into action. RallySeasons are all about healthy lifestyle, social integration, building confidence, and most importantly—FUN!

Elements of a Sport Season:

  • RallyPlayers register for the 4-6 week season, at $25 per players. This fee covers facility and equipment costs, a trophy, and a t-shirt or other athletic apparel.

  • Each RallyPlayer is matched up with a Buddy for the entirety of the season

  • RallyPlayers and Buddies will participate in full group activities as well as going station to station with their special team to learn new skills

  • One parent or guardian of each RallyPlayer must attend and be present for the entirety of each session (they are encouraged to sit, enjoy the time off, and cheer from the sidelines)

Ready to join the RallyFamily?

Find a RallyChapter near you to learn about upcoming RallySeasons and events. We are excited for you and your RallyPlayer to join our team and become a part of something special!