RallyShop is your one-stop-shop for purchasing sports equipment and RallyTeam gear. We have hand selected and negotiated the best prices for sports equipment and RallyTeam gear, so you don't have to worry about finding the right items - let our team do the hard work for you! All you need to focus on is raising the funds, so we can get you the best sports equipment for your RallyPlayers and the freshest gear for your RallyTeam! 

How does it work?

Simply find what you're looking for in RallyShop, raise the funds necessary, and place an order. When you "place an order" in RallyShop your order is sent to RallyCap Headquarters. Headquarters processes your request by checking if you have the appropriate funds and then placing your order with our vendors. The money comes directly out of your chapter's account and the equipment/gear shows up at your door. Easy right?

What is available in RallyShop?

You will find sports equipment and RallyTeam gear in RallyShop. Sports equipment like: basketballs, footballs, cones, pinnies, and much more! Also available in RallyShop is the gear that will bring your RallyTeam together. You will find t-shirts, baseball caps, and more... and we will always be adding fresh gear!


Enough details... head over to RallyShop and check it out!

As always, reach out to your RallyCoach if you have any questions!