Sports Equipment

You may purchase all of your sporting goods needs right here in RallyShop. To make it easy on you we work directly with our vendor, so all purchases need to come through us - do not call the vendor with any questions, for you will not be able to buy from them directly. For all the details about ordering sports equipment for your chapter, check out the Sports Equipment section in your RallyCap Manual. 

Step-by-step Guide


Step 1

Click on the "VKM WEBSITE" button (on the right). 

  • You will be navigated to the VKM website
  • Keep this page open so you can place an order on RallyShop when you are ready

Step 2

Search for the sports equipment you would like to purchase for your upcoming event. For example, if you are looking for "basketballs", see the top tabs that will navigate you quickly to the area or sport.

  • You can determine the item price and product total by placing the quantity you desire in the blank space provided (in the screenshot below, you can see the blank space below $9.90)
  • You will need the product number for each item when you place your order here in RallyShop (in the screenshot below "KR7" is the product number)
  • You may not place an order on the VKM website, and you may not call them with questions (they do not sell to the public, only to authorized dealers)
  • Typically, VKM branded equipment is the least expensive and best option, so look for that first

Step 3

Click on the "PLACE AN ORDER" button.

  • Follow the instructions in the order form
  • You will need the product number for each item you would like to purchase
  • For more details on placing an order click here