Sports Equipment

To host awesome sports events and RallySeasons, your team will need the right sports equipment. Your Operations Chair will be responsible for managing all equipment efforts and should keep inventory well documented. Check out your Getting Started Guide in MyRallyCap to learn more about the proper planning and timing for collecting these items.

Most of the sports and activities that you will provide for your RallyPlayers will require equipment. Here are some examples of sports equipment you might need:

  • Baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls
  • Soccer goals, short basketball hoops, baseball bases
  • Golf clubs, flag football flags, baseball bats and gloves
  • Cones, whistles, colors pinnies

Purchasing Sports Equipment

To take the burden off of your shoulders, we have designed RallyShop to make finding and buying the right equipment a breeze. To learn more about RallyShop click here, then check out these basic details for ordering sports equipment:

How does it work?

You will place an order through RallyShop. Your order will go to RallyCap Headquarters, they will check your order for accuracy, and then place the order with our vendor. We work directly with our vendor, so you don't have to. No need to spend hours shopping for the right equipment and best prices, RallyShop has all of your sports equipment needs in one place!

Here are some additional details:

  • In RallyShop, you will be directed to our vendor's website to find the sports equipment you need. Then, you will simply fill out an order form in RallyShop by plugging in the item information
  • You will be able to select the number of items you would like for each piece of equipment - you should work with your RallyCoach if you have questions about how many items you need
  • In order to purchase items, you will need to have the appropriate amount of funds available in your account at headquarters - you will know exactly how much your order will cost when you fill out the order form in RallyShop
  • All purchases need to come through us - do not call the vendor with any questions, for you will not be able to buy from them directly

To learn more about the proper timing of purchasing sports equipment for events and activities, check out the Getting Started Guide. When you're ready, head over to RallyShop to get familiar with the process and to see what is available!

Additional ways to acquire Equipment

Before we move on, it's important to know that everything we do is to help you impact the lives of your RallyPlayers. Purchasing equipment will cost money and that will add more need for fundraising, that is the reality. However, we have worked hard to find the right equipment and good prices so that purchasing equipment will not be a burden on your RallyChapter. That said, we also want to provide additional ways to acquire equipment that you may find success with! Here are the two additional routes you should consider:

  • Borrow - find opportunities to borrow equipment from your university athletic program, local high schools and other local organizations
  • Get Donated - ask your university athletic program, local community organizations, and community members to become a RallyPartner by donating the equipment you

Here are a few things to remember when considering these options:

  • You must check with your RallyCoach to "okay" the use of donated or borrowed equipment - this is to make sure the equipment is appropriate for your RallyPlayers
  • Borrowing equipment can be a great option for larger items like soccer goals, basketball hoops, ect. and for common items like cones, various sport balls, and more
  • Asking for a group or person to donate the equipment is a great way to get them involved in your chapter - make sure they know how much their donation means!

*Many of our current RallyChapters have discovered great ways to acquire the equipment they need free of charge, we encourage you to connect with other chapters to learn about what they are doing.


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