Step 6: Getting Ready for Year Two

Year one is in the books, and the only thing better than year one - is year two... Let's go!

Things to do:

  • RallyCore Transition
  • Communication with RallyCoach
  • Communication with RallyPlayers and Families
  • Website Maintenance
  • Map Out Year 2
  • Plan Kickoff Year 2
  • Summer RallyCore Meet-ups

RallyCore Transition

Student leaders are the lifeblood of RallyCap Sports. As RallyCap Sports grows, it is imperative that passionate student leaders direct RallyChapters across the nation! Check out these brief details:

  • The current Director and Core will remain in their positions if they so desire and if they meet the requirements set up for Core
  • RallyCap Sports Staff will be extremely involved in the selection process of the new Director
  • To apply for the Director position, and any other Core positions, a student must meet the requirements and submit an application by April 1st of each new year
  • Transition from current Core members to new Core members is an important process and the best transition comes from helpful current Core members

Now that you have the basic details, you will want to head over to the End of Year Transition section of your Manual to learn more specifics. You will find details about timing, submitting applications, and how to ensure a smooth transition.

Communication with RallyCoach

At this point, you've learned how important your relationship with your RallyCoach is. We have developed the RallyCoach role as your greatest resource for getting started and maintaining an impactful chapter. Nearing the end of your academic and RallyCap year, it will be especially important to stay connected with your RallyCoach. Here are just a few things you should be communicating about as the year comes to a close:

  • You should have open and honest conversation about positives and negatives from the year, let your RallyCoach know what's up so he/she can help you prepare for a better year
  • Whether you are remaining the Director for the next year or not, you should work closely with your RallyCoach to help select the RallyCore
  • You should map out the next year with your RallyCoach - you don't need to go into details quite yet, but take a look at the full academic year and begin to map out what it will look like
  • You should develop a plan for the Kickoff of your next year - although you are a pro at this now, run through the details with your RallyCoach to get their insight
  • Bring your Finance Chair on board to talk about the financial standing of your chapter - you will go over things like paying chapter dues for next year, setting a budget for the year, and how you are going to reach that budget

We can't stress enough how important it is to keep you RallyCoach in the loop. You will work together to wrap up your successful first year and make plans to have an even better second year. Before you do anything else, give your RallyCoach a call and start working together to get ready for next year!

Communication with RallyPlayers and Families


If you don't already, this would be a great time to talk about adding a RallyPlayer and Family Relations Chair to your Core. Communication with your RallyPlayers and Families is an important step to ensure positive relationships moving into year 2. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Summer break can be difficult for a RallyPlayer who has developed a relationship with a Buddy, so make sure you are in tune with your RallyPlayers - work with your RallyCoach to learn about dissolving matches carefully, communicate with the parents/guardians for insight, and make sure to communicate with your Buddies about staying connected with their new friends
  • Work with your website to make sure you have your member data base accurate and up to date
  • You should set up a plan for newsletters to go out to your RallyPlayer families over Summer break - we recommend a short monthly newsletter that gives details for events being scheduled for the new year and highlights opportunities in the community for Summer fun
  • Once you set the date for your Kickoff and do a bit of mapping out for next year, get a few of those dates to your families as soon as possible - many families will want to schedule out the next year so they don't miss anything!

After a great year, your RallyPlayers and families are going to be excited for the next year - communication will be the key to ensuring a smooth summer that rides into a new year of fun! Work with your RallyCoach if you have questions.

Website Maintenance

Your website may be your best tool for communication with all members of your RallyChapter. With the help of LeagueApps, we have built your website in a way that makes it easy to update and keep looking good. You should take care of these tasks before leaving for summer break:

  • Update the RallyCore page with new member profiles - feel free to add additional information to this page if you would like to
  • Update your slideshow with new pictures and links - we recommend a slide that highlights a great year and takes viewers to a page of pictures from the year, a slide about your Kickoff for the new year, and anything else you would like to highlight
  • If you have not already, determine who will be in charge of the website over Summer break - this person should be trustworthy and interested in building your chapter's positive image

For help with your website, first reach out to your RallyCoach. Your RallyCoach will most likely be able to help you with what you need, but we have a dedicated team at LeagueApps who is ready to jump in if needed - you are in good hands!

Map Out Year 2

The best way to feel confident about year 2 as you move into your summer break, is to map it out. You should work with your RallyCoach and RallyCore to develop a year-long plan for next year. Check out these details:

  • Start with your Kickoff in the first few weeks of the new semester and map out dates for your RallySeasons and other events - looking at the full year can make it easier to find stretches of periods for RallySeasons and open weekends for events and activities
  • Other than your Kickoff (see below), this year mapping does not need to be in great detail - just get an idea of what makes sense... although booking facilities and scheduling early is highly recommended!
  • Year 2 will be a year to open it up! Try new sports, add additional RallySeasons and events, hold a huge fundraiser - with year 1 under your belt, you're ready to make year 2 even better

Your RallyCoach will have a lot of insight as you begin to map out year 2, so work with him/her closely on this project. For year 1, we scheduled it all out for you to help build your foundation... now it's time to make RallyCap your own with new events and creative ideas that will make your RallyFamily truly come together.

Plan Kickoff Year 2

Before you enter Summer break it will be important to plan your Kickoff for year 2, so that your team can begin preparing and your RallyPlayers can get it on their schedules. You've planned this before - you got it!

Although we encourage you to explore new and exciting opportunities for year 2, we recommend that you stay with a similar approach for your new Kickoff as you did with your first Kickoff. Not only does this approach make it easier on your team to plan, but it also is simply the best way to kickoff a new year because it paints the picture for RallyCap Sports is all about to your volunteers and RallyPlayers. 

So, get after it! You can use the model from this Getting Started Guide to help you plan your new Kickoff. If you would like to make modifications, work with your RallyCoach to come up with the best options. Here are a few additional thoughts:

  • You should leave 2-3 weeks from the start of the new semester before your Kickoff - this will allow you to get things rolling with your Core and RallyTeam, and will give you time to recruit RallyPlayers!
  • Book your facility right away - your first priority should be to find the best option for your facility and book it for the date and time that works best... complete this before Summer break!
  • Work with your Core to develop a game plan for summer - you will need to order equipment, prep your website, and more over summer to be ready when the new semester rolls around
  • Once you have booked your facility, let your RallyTeam and RallyPlayers know the date so they can get it on the calendar

Summer RallyCore Meet-Ups

Staying connected with your Core over Summer is the best way to ensure a fantastic year 2. Each Core is different, you may be all from a similar area or from all over the globe... no matter how far away you will be for Summer, it's important to stay connected and continue building for year 2. Here are a few thoughts:

  • We recommend 2 summer meet-ups, these can happen virtually (over the phone or Skyped in) or in person
  • These 2 meet-ups don't have to be all business! Talk about what's going on with each other to help build team relationships... then move on to business
  • Schedule these 2 meet-ups before you leave for Summer break - one in the first few weeks of break is a good way to stay connected and not lose track of each other

Year 2 will only be as good as the Core that is leading it. Staying connected over the summer is a great way to transition into year 2 and to hit the ground running. Trust us, year 2 will bring many awesome memories and relationships within the Core!

One last video... I know you're tired of seeing my face...

Have an awesome Summer!