Step 5: RallyCap WrapUp

Let's wrap this up.

Check out this 50 second video intro to the WrapUp -->


  1. Understanding WrapUp
  2. Schedule it Out and Book Facility
  3. Prep Website
  4. Purchase Equipment
  5. Recruit RallyPlayers
  6. Recruit Volunteers
  7. Final Prep

Step 1: Understanding WrapUp

At RallyCap, celebrating is important. Each year will bring new reasons to celebrate, so to capture it all in an annual event you will host RallyCap WrapUp! Here are some basic details to get started:

  • will take place after your second RallySeason and before summer break
  • 2-hour free event open to the public, same as your kickoff
  • one-on-one Buddy to RallyPlayer system
  • Three sport stations (with drills from varying sports) - baseball, track & field, golf

As mentioned in the video above, your WrapUp will be an opportunity to celebrate a fantastic year, to say goodbyes before summer break, and to add new people to your family. Check out RallyCap WrapUp in your manual for more details.

Step 2: Schedule it out and book facility

This should look familiar. You are probably a pro at this point, so here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check your semester calendar to stay away from bad school dates - end of the year can be tough, watch out for exam week, major school events and more
  • Your WrapUp could be the week after your final RallySeason of the semester, or anytime before summer break
  • Think about your RallyPlayers and families - what day and time would be easiest for them to attend (sending out a survey can be helpful, but it can also put you in a sticky situation... proceed with caution)
  • We recommend a Saturday morning/afternoon or a Sunday afternoon
  • Choose a facility that will work well with the 3 sports - outside could be an option if weather seems to be trending upward (always schedule a backup)
  • Make sure the facility will be easy for RallyPlayers and families to find and is accessible for all types of special needs (you may have new RallyPlayers attending, so be ready for anything)

Book your facility as soon as you can! Work with you your RallyCoach if you have questions.

Resources: RallyCap WrapUp Itinerary

Step 3: Prep Website

Are we in the groove yet? Not only for registration, but for promoting too!

  • create a new event on your website and fill in the details
  • this is an open event for new people, so make it ultra-user-friendly - you may have people who have never been to your site before... we recommend placing it in your slideshow too
  • set the registration start date for 2-3 weeks prior to your event
  • at this point, you should have someone on Core who is dedicated to all website duties... feel free to spice things up a bit on your website

Check in with your RallyCoach if you have questions.

Resources: Chapter Website

Step 4: Purchase Equipment

You will need to purchase equipment for your WrapUp. The good news is, you will now have this equipment to use for future RallySeasons and events! We've done our best to negotiate good prices and we've put together WrapUp kits for you to choose from based on the expected number of RallyPlayers.

Purchasing equipment takes money. You should be checking in with your RallyCoach often to talk about your chapter's financials. If you need a quick fundraiser to pay for the WrapUp kit, than take a look at the Fundraising section of your manual and the other resources in MyRallyCap.

When you're ready, head on over to the RallyShop to order the RallyCap WrapUp Kit that's best for your chapter. 

Resources: RallyShop, Fundraising, Financial Framework and Chapter Dues

Step 5: Recruit RallyPlayers

Similar to your Kickoff, inviting new RallyPlayers and families is a big part of your WrapUp.

Check out this 50 second video to learn more!


RallyPlayer Recruitment

Step 6: Recruit Volunteers

  • Your WrapUp is a great opportunity to invite students who are interested in joining your RallyTeam... have interested students register asa member on your website and then register to volunteer for WrapUp
  • You should hold a PepRally 1-2 weeks prior to your WrapUp, this will be your chance to offer the opportunity to be a part of the celebration and fun
  • All volunteers must be registered as a RallyTeam member on your website and then must register for the WrapUp

Resources: RallyTeam Recruitment

Step 7: Final Prep

One more quick video to wrap things up...


RallyCap WrapUp Checklist

Other Events and Activities

Time to boogie. Take lots of pictures.

Just as important as celebrating an awesome year, it getting ready for year 2. Can you believe it's been a year? Let's head on over to the final step in a successful first year:

 Step 6: Getting Ready for Year Two