Step 4: Second RallySeason

New sport, new friendships, new trophies, what's not to like about RallySeason 2? 


  • Understanding RallySeason 2
  • Schedule it Out and Book Facility
  • Prep Website
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Recruit RallyPlayers
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Trophies and T-shirts
  • Final Prep

You already know what to do. Let's make this easy.

Step 1: Understanding RallySeason 2

  • A new sport (basketball) for your second semester, but it's the same RallySeason model

  • A chance to reengage with your RallyPlayers and families in the new semester, with a WrapUp event to cap off a great first year
  • Don't worry, we've built out the itinerary so you can focus on having fun

Resources: Second RallySeason Itinerary

Step 2: Schedule it out and book facility

  • You should start planning your second RallySeason before you leave for break at the end of your semester, it is important to book your facilities right away

  • This is your major activity for the second half of your first year, so plan a 6-week season that will have even more impact
  • Start your RallySeason 2-3 weeks after you return for your new semester, this will give your Core a chance to prep
  • Make sure the dates/times and facilities will work well for your RallyPlayers and RallyTeam

Step 3: Prep website

  • You know the drill, make sure you set the new season up properly and reach out to your RallyCoach if you have any issues
  • Take this chance to update your website by adding new slides to your slideshow on your homepage and anything else to help create an inviting website

Resources: Chapter Website

Step 4: Purchase Equipment

  • We have special equipment that will help your RallyPlayers have a blast with basketball, so head on over to the RallyShop and place an order at least 3 weeks prior to your first session
  • Find the basketball package that fits the size of your chapter, having a few extras is always better than not having enough

Resources: Financial Framework and Chapter Dues, RallyShop

Quick break: paying chapter dues

Check out this 1 minute video to help you understand chapter dues!



Financial Framework and Chapter Dues


Step 5: Recruit RallyPlayers

  • A new semester and a new season gives you the opportunity to invite new RallyPlayers - word has spread in your local community about how great RallyCap is, use this new season to add to your family
  • Stay connected to your RallyPlayers and families throughout your mid-year break, let them know what's coming as soon as you plan it and send out occasional communication to keep them informed
  • Email is a great way to communicate with your RallyPlayers and families (and it's easy through your website), but don't forget about the power of social media!

Resources: RallyPlayer Recruitment

Step 6: recruit volunteers

  • With a new semester, this is a great opportunity to recruit new RallyTeam members... have interested students register as a member and then register to volunteer for the new RallySeason
  • You should hold a PepRally early on in the new semester to update current members and a Rally-in-the-Alley meeting within the first 2 weeks of the new semester for those interested in learning more about joining the RallyTeam (learn more: PepRally, Rally-in-the-Alley)
  • Your RallyTeam Coordinator should never lose contact with your RallyTeam, they should be sending frequent updates to keep your current members informed and they should be reaching out to new students who are interested in getting involved
  • All volunteers for a RallySeason must first register as a RallyTeam member and then they may register for a RallySeason

Resources: RallyTeam Recruitment

Step 7: Trophies and T-shirts

  • As you know, the $25 registration fee for your RallyPlayers includes a trophy and a t-shirt
  • RallyPlayer t-shirts must be ordered the same week of your first session - simply go to RallyShop, find the RallyPlayer t-shirt for basketball, and then place an order for the number of RallyPlayers you have (your RallyCoach will receive the order and will crosscheck with you to make sure you have the correct number ordered)
  • Trophies must be ordered within one week after your second session -  simply go to RallyShop, find the basketball trophy, and then place an order for the number of RallyPlayers you have (again, your RallyCoach will crosscheck with you to make sure your order is correct)

Resources: Sports Equipment, Trophies and Apparel

Step 8: Final prep

As always, take a minute and make sure you are all set before your first session. Walk through the Second RallySeason Checklist and your Second RallySeason Itinerary to ensure a successful season. Any last second questions? Give your RallyCoach a call and work it out together.

RallySeason 2, engaged. 

If you've followed these steps and taken the initiative to work out problems that have jumped out in the process, then you are well on your way to an awesome second RallySeason. Well, this takes us to your WrapUp event to cap off your first year with RallyCap - can you believe it?


Let's go out with a bang

 Step 5: RallyCap WrapUp