"It's an incredible program. My kids probably wouldn't get any exercise at all if it wasn't for this program. It's very challenging for children that have special needs to find outlets for physical activity."

- Ellen, RallyCap Sports parent

The really great effect this program has had on my son—and other kids—is they gain this confidence and you see all of [the RallyCap Sports kids] really blossom. They know they can accomplish something.
— Donna Y., RallyCap Sports parent
I like being involved in the program because it’s a lot of fun... especially when I hit home runs. I really love it.
— Brittany S., RallyCap Sports player
From an emotional standpoint, the program has helped [my daughter] tremendously. There’s little benefits that you get when you see your daughter get a hit, make a throw. When she achieves those things, the look that you see on her face...is tremendous.
— Mark C., RallyCap Sports parent

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