Together, we can create a world where people of all abilities can share in the joy of sports.


RallyCap Terminology


At the center of it all are the heroes… our RallyPlayers!

A “RallyPlayer” is a boy or girl, age 7 or older, with physical and/or intellectual special needs who participates in RallyCap Sports programs and events.

RallyCap Headquarters

Founded in Central New Jersey, the RallyCap Sports organization includes founders Paul and Margo Hooker and their dedicated team of business professionals, all working to expand RallyCap’s impact.


Each branch of RallyCap Sports is referred to as a “RallyChapter”. Our first expansion chapter began at Bowling Green State University, and we fondly refer to them as the BGSU RallyChapter. You can refer to your chapter by using your college/university name or acronym with “RallyChapter”.


The “RallyTeam” is the group of passionate volunteers who work together to provide RallyCap Sports in their community. This team is comprised of mostly students and a few faculty/staff, who come from all corners and backgrounds of a university. The RallyTeam is student led and all members seek to advance the mission and vision of RallyCap Sports.

RallyTeam Member

A general RallyTeam Member is any student who actively volunteers with a RallyChapter and meets the guidelines and requirement of RallyTeam. RallyTeam Members can perform many roles within the chapter, from being a “Buddy” with a RallyPlayer or a behind the scenes role of helping setup and teardown events.


The “RallyTeam Core” is a group of dedicated students who manage and serve as leaders in the RallyTeam. This group of students organizes events, fundraise, recruit Buddies, create RallyPartners, and liaise with RallyCap Headquarters. The “Core” is led by the chapter Director and several other leadership positions.


Your “RallyAdvisor” is a member of your university faculty or staff who will oversee your chapter’s activities, and facilitate as needed. 


A “Buddy” is the name we give the passionate student volunteers of a RallyTeam who match up one-on-one with our RallyPlayers. A Buddy will have the unique opportunity to play one-on-one with their new friend during events—often they become a RallyPlayer’s best Buddy.


A “RallyPartner” is any business or business owner that makes a financial or in-kind donation such as t-shirts, trophies, printed promotional materials, or any other equipment/tools needed by your RallyChapter.