The RallyTeam

A lot of these kids don’t have a chance to run around and get exercise... but I have to say, I do this for myself. It really makes me feel good to come out here.
— Jay, RallyCap Buddy

Outside of the RallyCore are additional volunteer opportunities perfectly suited for students who are new to RallyCap Sports or for those who wish to be involved in non-leadership roles. These volunteers are general RallyTeam members, but are no less important to the RallyTeam! Every member is critical to the success of your RallyChapter.

RallyTeam Member Roles

All members of your RallyTeam will play an integral role in the development of your RallyChapter and the success of your programs. Although general members may not be interested in leading, there are many ways they can help create a better RallyChapter!

Some ideas to utilize general members are:

  • Distribute or hang fliers and promotional materials
  • Help make phone calls for recruiting or fundraising purposes
  • Help out behind the scenes during events and activities
  • Provide university engagement opportunities

It is important to cultivate an atmosphere of open communication and to develop relationships with all members so that, as a team, you will be able to accomplish your chapter goals and remain committed to the RallyCap Sports mission.

 Active general members of your RallyChapter must meet the following criteria:

  • Register as an official RallyTeam member for inclusion on your chapter’s RallyTeam roster
  • Attend at least one PepRally per semester
  • Support chapter dues with the purchase of a RallyCap Sports t-shirt; once each academic year
  • Volunteer a minimum of five hours toward RallyChapter activities and events per semester

Sport Station Manager

A RallyTeam member who helps manage sport stations during events and sport sessions. Sports Station Managers are important because they will help teach RallyPlayers about each sport and how to have a blast playing! Here are some guidelines and insights about being a Sport Station Manager:

  • Perfect for a volunteer who is not interested in a one-on-one role with the RallyPlayers
  • A great way to explore the wonderful special needs community and share your passion for sports
  • Meant for volunteers who are willing to be patient and accepting, no matter what abilities a RallyPlayer possesses
  • A great option for members who cannot commit to all four weeks of a sport season, but want to be a part of the fun

Behind-the-Scenes Volunteer

A RallyTeam Member interested in helping with duties outside of working directly with RallyPlayers can get involved in many ways including:

  • Event registration: Manage check-in and ensure all required paperwork is signed by RallyPlayer family members
  • Set-up/Tear-down
  • Marketing: Distribute flyers, hang posters, take event pictures, and other tasks to support the Marketing/PR Chair
  • And more! Your RallyChapter may identify additional areas where assistance is needed


A RallyTeam member who is matched one-to-one with a RallyPlayer for events and sport sessions. Each Buddy is an important part of our mission and should understand and commit to the three pillars: social integration, healthy living, and building confidence. A Buddy will have the unique opportunity to interact individually with a RallyPlayer during each sports season; often they become a RallyPlayer’s best Buddy.

In addition to the general Team Member requirements, Buddies must meet the following qualifications and responsibilities:

Have a passion for working with members of the special needs community

Being a Buddy will be incredibly rewarding, but—at times—it will also be challenging. A Buddy should be passionate about people with special needs so that they can provide the support and encouragement that each RallyPlayer deserves.

Have prior experience working with children and/or adults with special needs

We do not expect each Buddy to be an expert, but it is important that a Buddy has some prior experience working with people with special needs. We will provide videos and resources to give the training and support needed to prepare each Buddy for a great experience. Any member interested in becoming a Buddy who lacks prior experience with special needs should start as a Sports Station Manager or Behind-the-Scenes Volunteer. This experience will help the member (and Director) determine if being a Buddy is a mutually beneficial role.

Complete a series of short training videos and quizzes

Each Buddy must complete “Buddy Training” once a semester. This is a short training exercise provided within MyRallyCap. Each Buddy is required to watch a series of short training videos and answer a few questions to test their knowledge. Check out MyRallyCap for more details.

Commit to all four weeks of one sport season per semester

It’s vital that each Buddy commit to all four weeks of a sport season. To create the best atmosphere of growth for our RallyPlayers, consistency is key. Each week will present new challenges to overcome and new victories to celebrate and the Buddy-RallyPlayer match will be essential for those moments. If a Buddy must miss a session during a season, he or she must communicate that with the RallyTeam Core prior to signing up to volunteer for the season.

Commit to communicate with his or her RallyPlayer outside of events and sessions

Although our program is built to provide growth opportunities for our RallyPlayers within our sport sessions and events, friendship outside of activities and events is an important part of our program as well. Each Buddy should discuss what communication would be possible and best with the parent or guardian of their RallyPlayer. In most cases, it is appropriate to communicate by a phone call or in-person visit. When a season is completed, if a Buddy desires to remain in contact with their RallyPlayer outside of RallyCap Sports they should discuss this with the parent/guardian. Although we encourage the Buddy to RallyPlayer relationship, not all parents will be comfortable with a friendship outside of RallyCap Sports activities. For more information about building RallyPlayer-Buddy relationships, see your Resource Kit in MyRallyCap. 


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