RallyCap WrapUp

The RallyCap WrapUp is a celebration of a fantastic year of sports and fun, as well as a milestone for many great years to come! It will mark the end of a year of opportunity and inclusion and the beginning of a team coming together to change their community. 

What is RallyCap WrapUp?

RallyCap WrapUp is an event held at the end of each year to close out a fantastic year with RallyCap Sports. Similar to Kickoff, your WrapUp is a FREE 2-hour event of sports and fun! 

WrapUp elements include:

  • Our one-on-one Buddy system
  • Three sport station (with drills from varying sports)
  • Opportunity to join your RallyChapter by registering on your website to learn more about upcoming events and activities
  • One parent or guardian must be present, and are invited to sit in the stands and enjoy watching their child participate in the fun

Why host a RallyCap WrapUp?

Your WrapUp event allows current RallyPlayers to invite friends and family to check out their new sports skills, and it is another opportunity to recruit new RallyPlayers to the family. It's a celebration of an awesome year!

At its best, a WrapUp will achieve the following:

  • RallyPlayers and their parents bring along new potential RallyPlayers
  • RallyTeam members invite their friends to see what they've been involved in all year, and encourage their friends to join in on the fun
  • RallyTeam members and RallyPlayers celebrate a fun season together before summer vacation

Similar to your Kickoff, you will need to reserve facilities, purchase sports equipment, prepare a sports plan and much more. If you work hard to prepare, your WrapUp will be a time each year for a celebration of a great year. Even more important than celebrating is giving new people a chance to join the family and become a part of our motto: “Together We Rally!”

For new RallyChapters, check out your Getting Started Guide to learn step-by-step how to plan and execute a successful RallyCap WrapUp.